Saturday, October 5, 2013

France - Day Twelve

We spent October 3rd in the company of the dashing Guillaume ("Gee") Desport of O Chateau, touring the champagne region of France. What a great way to see this part of the country...we were picked up by Gee at our apartment promptly at 8 a.m. There were eight of us (four from Dallas, two from Seattle, two from Atlanta, and one from Newfoundland)

As we drove, Gee explained a bit about the region and champagne in general. He advised that harvest had just started in many of the vineyards.Our first stop was at Moet & Chandon in Epernay.

There's nothing wrong at all with visiting the "big guys," but I really enjoy the smaller wineries. After finishing up at M-C, we drove to Verzy to meet with Alexandre Penet for a tour of his vineyards and a tasting, followed by lunch with his family.With his harvest beginning the following day, we were honored that Monsieur Penet was able to meet with us.  He described his wine as "highly differentiated terroir-driven champagne," and it was remarkable.

Our third and final shop was in Ludes at Champagne Monmarthe, where we met with Christophe Hanouzet. We toured the cellar, and then enjoyed some time outside in the vineyards. Workers were already picking grapes (all done by hand), as harvest here had started the day before.

We were back in Paris by 6:30 pm, and deposited at our apartment shortly thereafter. Thank you so much, O Chateau, Gee, Alexandre and family, and Christophe. We appreciate your knowledge and hospitality. If any of my readers are ever in Paris, I highly recommend this tour!


  1. Favorite picture, grapes and leaves. So perfect, the colors, the depth and light. Looks like a good tour and lots of champagne. The vineyards and cellars look similar in different countries.
    Diana the Gayle

  2. Superb photography, as usual! Wonderful to read about your Champagne visit - I will contact you when I head up there next year to find the smaller guys :) Jen