Thursday, December 12, 2013

Breathing Again

I've totally let my blog take a back seat to life lately. Last time I looked, I was in Arizona, staying at my favorite b&b in Jerome, and visiting my dear friend, Holly Joy, and her Italian Greyhounds in Chino Valley Then...boom! My doctor was telling me I had to have surgery, and I was meeting with a gynecologic oncologist. It really is amazing how you take good health for granted until something like this happens. I was a lucky one, though. A ten-pound ovarian tumor was removed on November 5th, nineteen places were staged for cancer, and EVERYTHING turned out to be benign. I spent six days at Baylor Hospital, and was given the very best of care. Since then, I've been home recuperating. That means canceling photo shoots I'd already scheduled during one of my busiest seasons. My clients were so very kind and understanding though. I'm gearing up for a new year of photographing, and I can't wait! I'm feeling better every single day, and realize that I'm beyond blessed. Thank you, everyone, for your support.

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