Saturday, September 28, 2013

France Day Seven - Part Deux

This is how you have lunch in France. First, get in your rental car and drive very slowly out of Riquewihr, a tiny walled town with too many tourists in it. Then, maneuver down winding country roads with vineyards on both sides. If you look closely, you can see grapes ready to be picked. Continue driving a few more minutes until you reach the village of Saint-Hippolyte (the "H" is silent...I'm learning!), and then find a parking space. This is easier said than done, but you will eventually find one. Walk briskly to Le Hupsa Pfannala, and ask for a table. It should be about noon, maybe a bit later. Plan to stay until at least 2 p.m.

A cold glass of rose cremant is a good way to start your meal. This wine is so good that we ask where to buy it...and we are happy to see that it's from the winery right down the road!
The menu lists all kinds of interesting things, some of which we are unsure of...but we ask, and the waiter is happy to tell us.
 You might want to start with vegetable soup with homemade croutons. It's well worth it.
 In fact, it made John very happy.
 Nancy ordered a salad with shrimp, cantaloupe, freshly picked apples, ham, and greens. It was beyond delicious.
 John ordered a traditional tarte flambe with lots of cheese and lardons (bacon...mmmm....bacon).
 I had a potato dish that defies description. I ate it all.
 Make sure you save room for dessert. We ordered an apple tart flambee with Calvados.
 It was a work of art.
It was generously sprinkled with the Calvados and cinnamon sugar, before being set on fire, and then sliced into individual pieces. We all loved it.
 Nancy and John had espresso. I sat at the table and rested while they drank it.
 Thanks to the wonderful people who work at Le Hupsa! We will be back!

It was then necessary to walk to the winery to buy some cremant. Two seconds later, and we are there. It's harvest time, and it's a busy place, but there are tastings going on, and everyone is happy. Including us. We buy our wine, return to the car, and head home.Thanks for coming along!


  1. Lunch looked marvelous. Wine was tempting.

    Love ya,
    Diana The Gayle

  2. Oh for Heaven's sake! That is the best looking food I have seen in AGES. Gorgeous! I love the way they made that tart; and the coffee after? That shrimp???

    1. Julie!! So glad you are following along! This food was really the best ever..and that tart! Wow!