Wednesday, September 25, 2013

France and Germany - Day Four

Today was an absolutely exquisite day. Our friends, Jean-Paul and his wife, Martine, took us on a day trip to neighboring Germany.They own the best vacation rentals in Riquewihr, including the lovely Marco Polo house where we are staying for the week. Along with Happy the Westie and Connie and Chuck (a couple staying at another of their rentals), our hosts took us on a fantastic day trip that included a hillside ride to look at vineyards, a jaunt through the Black Forest, lunch on a terrace overlooking a shimmering lake, a bit of market shopping and a wonderful stop for coffee, some peaceful countryside, and a wine tasting.  As soon as I started scribbling notes down, I realized I'd never be able to get it all down right for my blog. So instead, I'm sharing with you some of my favorite photographs of the day, a day which I will never forget. Thank you so very much, Jean-Paul and Martine!



  1. Absolutely beautiful Vickie! Have fun, be safe, & keep these breathtaking images coming... Cheryle~

  2. What a great adventure. I gained ten pounds from looking at food. The pictures look like postcards. Germany is beautiful and it looks like ya'll had a blue sky day.

    Diana the Gayle

  3. My goodness, could the day be any more perfect? Everything looks so perfectly beautiful...
    So glad you are carrying us along.

  4. Coucou Vickie, Beautiful pictures I like the pastries, at least looking at them does not make you fat...
    Thank you again for being with us and making such a wonderful report of the day. I love Happy's pictures and Jean Paul and I.
    Hope to see you in Paris, will try hard to push the boat...Martine

    1. Martine, thanks again to you and Jean-Paul for making it such a wonderful day! We, too, hope to see you in Paris! <3

  5. Wowsers I want to go here!