Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Seniors

Eastside Baptist Church in Winfield, Alabama hosts a lunch for seniors once a month.  While I was home visiting, my Aunt Judy invited mom and me to attend the January luncheon.  Uncle Don, is a deacon here, and I'm sure they knew I'd enjoy some new photo opportunities.

As a child, I used to go to this church when I visited in the summertime. Back then, it was called Goodwater Baptist Church.  It was a tiny little building with no air conditioning, and a preacher whose loud sermons lasted much too long for a seven year-old's growling stomach.  Women wearing hats fanned themselves with paper fans that advertised local businesses, and men tugged at their collars, trying to loosen their ties. Afterwards,we drove hurriedly down winding country roads to my grandparents' house for a meal of fried chicken, biscuits, fresh vegetables, and homemade pound cake. I think I could smell it from miles away. Funny how some memories always stay with a person.

The weekday luncheon was held in a bright, spacious meeting room, and it was well-attended with people who enjoyed chatting with one another, catching up on all the news, while enjoying an excellent meal. Thanks for the invite; I'm happy to have met some new friends!


  1. This was the wrong post for me to be reading while fasting! The food looks amazing!

  2. Good home cooking for a great day of fellowship. Love Winfield and all the relatives and people that live in that city.

    Diana The Gayle

  3. This reminds me of where I grew up!

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