Sunday, January 13, 2013


Chloe found her forever home when my friend, Kristi, rescued her last week.  Today the girls and I stopped by to meet Chloe, and to snap a few photographs.  We're not sure as to what breed Chloe is, but she is a cutie pie...already so attached to her mama!
Chloe has fantastic ears!
Chloe has a big sister named Gypsy.  Love the outfit (which was designed by our friend Holly Joy)!
Gypsy can sing on command, and she did!
Rose and Coco enjoyed the afternoon.

Chloe was the star though, and I'm so glad she has a good home now.


  1. She looks like a gremlin!! (A very cute one!) She really looks like a mix with one of those Chinese Crested dogs.

  2. How ADORABLE!!! Gotta love those little rescues <3

  3. So adorable! Love your little family and how you have given that little one a Furever home! Best Home Ever for those babies! Love love!