Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fashion Hound

Rose got a package in the mail today from Holly Joy, a very talented designer and friend of mine who lives in Arizona.  Holly's site is called Spoiled Bratzwear.  Rose loves to get mail from Holly!
 I think she smells Holly's Italian Greyhounds on it!
 Aw, look at what she got...a beautiful outfit!
 And sweet Holly even included a special hat!  Oooooh la la!
 Posie loves to pose!
 The camera is her friend, don't you think?

 Rose is particularly proud of her chic profile.

 Finally, baby Coco got to try on Rose's hat...but just for a minute!
 All that posing tires out a girl.  Night night, sweet thing!


  1. Adorable! If she were a human girl, she would give an excellent mannequin.

  2. Finally someone else who wears a turban in Balch Springs. My purple turban is no match for Posie's. Say hello to Bama for me.