Sunday, March 11, 2012


We've had a mild winter this year, and, now, it looks like spring has sprung.  I have two small redbud trees planted in my side yard.  One is white, and one, purple. These trees are real prima donnas:  expensive and slow growing.  The blooms typically last only a few weeks, but when they do bloom...

I've got little reminders of spring popping up all over.

So today I decided to decorate for Easter.  Autumn is really my favorite season, but there's something crisp and new about springtime.

I've had this Easter basket since I was a little girl.  One of my grandparents' neighbors, a ninety-year old man named Luke Estes, made it for me from saplings that grew on his land.  I've managed to keep it intact throughout the years.  Some time ago, I took a class on pysanky, the Ukranian method of coloring Easter eggs.  The eggs in the basket are some I made.
The bluebonnets will be blooming in a few more weeks, and I'm looking forward to taking some weekend drives to find the best ones.  In the meantime, happy springtime, y'all!


  1. Those eggs are absolutely gorgeous! And I can't believe the basket. Great decor and great memories!

  2. Vickie, the bleubonnets are out on I30 going to Ft. Worth! Beautiful! They always make me smile!