Sunday, March 4, 2012

The City of Lights

I've been thinking of Paris all day today.  No city has ever captured my heart like Paris.  Every time I go back, I see it through new eyes, and it never fails to disappoint me.  I don't speak French...I understand a little, but that doesn't even matter.  What I see with my camera spells it all out.  The City of Lights is indeed magic.  If I ever win the lottery, my suitcases will be a blur, and I'll be hopping on Flight 48 quicker than you can say bonjour!  Here are a few of my favorite Paris photographs.  I have thousands, yet I can't bear to delete any of them.  My next trip to France isn't until October, and I'm already counting the days.  I think I've got Paris fever; luckily, there's no cure but to go back again.

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