Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Mayor of Murphy

Murphy, Texas is a little town located north of Dallas, and not too far down the road from Southfork, home of the "Dallas" television series.  The community's first settlers arrived in 1846, and throughout the years, it's maintained a beautiful country-style environment.

My good friend, Bill, has an interesting link to Murphy.  His father, Jules Kappes, was the mayor from 1980 until 1983.  Yesterday marked the grand opening of the Murphy Community Center, previously the old school building.  Mr. Kappes is now in an assisted care home, but he was happy to attend the dedication ceremony, where he was welcomed by many friends.  It was fun to capture the day with photographs.

When I arrived, Grace Atherton, ninety-nine years young, was addressing the crowd with more energy than you typically see in someone half her age.  Ms. Atherton was a teacher at Murphy School, and during World War II, also became the principal, coach and janitor!  At the ceremony, she assisted Mayor Bret Baldwin with cutting the ribbon.
Bill and his father enjoyed the festivities.

The crowd went wild when Mayor Baldwin took the first shot at the brand new basketball hoop...and he made it!
Afterwards, Mr. Kappes caught up with many of his old friends.

What a surprise to find photographs of all the mayors of Murphy in the "Hall of Mayors!"
We even got father and son to pose in front of Mr. Kappes' photograph.
Mr. Kappes was proud to find that he, his late wife, Del, and their cat, Mitzi, were featured in a recently published book on the history of Murphy.

 After looking inside all of the community center's rooms, we headed outside to enjoy some beautiful springtime weather.

It was a heartwarming morning, and one that Mr. Kappes will treasure for a long time.


  1. Thank you Vickie for taking such great pictures. I only ask that you photoshop my belly so it does not look like I'm pregnant. Willie

  2. Thanks, Vickie, for this lovely tribute to my dad! He has many lovely memories and proud moments to share of his time serving his community.

  3. Linda, it was my pleasure. Knowing the Kappes family is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Bill, you crack me up!

    1. Thanks, Vickie, for being there and allowing me to enjoy the festivities through your eyes. I know Dad had a really good time and he'll be talking about this event for weeks to come. Try and keep tight reigns on 'Willie' for me!