Monday, June 14, 2010

Paris Day 2

OMG!  Today was all about eating and shopping. We started out with breakfast at the hotel (included in room charge, but very good)...croissants, fresh bread, etc.  Afterwards, we took the metro to Clignancourt, which is on the northern perimeter of Paris.  It's well known for its 2,000+ flea market vendors which is open Saturday through Monday of each week.

We walked forever, looking and taking it all in.  Didn't buy much of anything (didn't win the lottery prior to going), but really enjoyed it.  The weather was perfect.  It sprinkled a bit, but we went into some large warehouses when it did.

Krista fell in love with this couture YSL designer gown:

After we couldn't walk anymore, we took the metro back into town, and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe near our hotel.  I should add that Jeanie and KC stayed behind, and spent almost the ENTIRE day at the flea markets!  After lunch,we walked to a patisserie for dessert and coffee, then stopped at my favorite pharmacie to purchase Darphin face and body products for Krista and me, before heading to the hotel, where we laid on our beds like giant pythons digesting their food.

Once rejuvenated, we headed up Raspail to Jean-Charles Rochoux's for a box of toothpick chocolates (small cubes of soft dark chocolate dusted in cocoa).  From there, we went around the corner to the Rue Cherche Midi to Poilane, one of the best bakeries in Paris, to purchase several bags of Punitions (French for punishments).  Punitions are tiny, thin butter cookies with scalloped edges.

We continued walking down the street, window shopping intently before ending up on Rue Bonaparte to visit Annick Goutal for eau de perfum, bath gel (got it, Nancy!), and soap.  The shop is like a tiny pink and golden jewel box. 

Pam, Elaine and Krista found a Comptoir de Famille store on Saint Sulpice to look at things for home, while Jeanie and I went to Gerard Mulot for macarons.  We have decided that words cannot describe the salted caramel macaron, although when Elaine tried, we had to censor her.

By that time, we were beyond exhausted, and not the least the least bit hungry, I might add.  However, we thought it would be rude to cancel our 8 pm dinner reservation at Wadja, so we went there and had a light meal of white asparagus with poached farm egg and jambon, gazpacho, a coconut citron shrimp dish with fresh herbs, steaks and frites, and desserts of soft chocolate cake with coffee sauce, and a millefeille with fresh strawberries, rhubarb and cream.  Because we really weren't all that hungry.

By then, it was after 10 pm, and as we walked down Montparnasse toward our hotel, we looked ahead to see an indescrible pink, purple and blue sunset.  We're now in my room, trying on various Darphin face masks while trying various flavors of macarons and drinking wine.  The end.


  1. God, Vickie, I love your travel blogs! All the food porn and cute dogs. I'm jealous, but I'm glad you're having a great time!

  2. So you weren't hungry at all - ha ha! I think I just gained a pound just looking at the food. It all looks divine. So glad you're having fun. Wish I was there!!

  3. I can't believe how generous it is of you to take precious Paris time to share. Am enjoying this so much, wonderful pictures! The beautiful dogs there....the way the women dress up, the artful pastry.
    Drink up girls!

  4. Hmmm, sounds like more food than shopping! My favorite kind of shopping. What a great sunset in my favorite arrondisement!

  5. The food, the food, the food! It is all a wonderful sensory experience, isn't it?

  6. Beautiful sunset, I am dying to get back to Paris. I am so glad were not humgry when you went to dinner. Love to all.

  7. The food, the dogs, the sunset! Did I mention the food? LOL

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks like you're having fun, alright!! Can't wait to meet up with you on Saturday. We'll have more food photos!

  9. Posie is fine. Keep an eye out for Jake LeNoir on your travels. Willie

  10. Okay, so now I'm really hungry.....thanks for all of the beautiful eye candy!

  11. Come on ladies — enjoy yourselves just a bit more!

  12. Jan said....
    YOU ARE my kinda gals! What fun! I'm enjoying your travels immensely...can't wait for the next post. Bon Appetit

  13. I cannot believe that the old bronze statue of me is in Paris! ;) Giggle

    Looks like you are all having a BLAST!