Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paris Day 1

We've arrived!  Krista's flight from Portland was on time, and she met Jeanie, KC and me at our gate.  Flight #48 is quite nice, as it leaves at 5:30 pm and arrives at 9:30 am.  It was great to hop on, go to sleep, and wake up in Paris.  I should say that some of us slept more than others!  I managed about six hours.  We arrived at CDG half an hour early, and it was a madhouse...lines to the bathroom, longer lines at Passport Control, even longer lines at baggage.  Yech!  Sister Pam called to tell us she was there, and that our driver was coming to get us.  That took another half an hour.

Inside Paris proper, several demonstrations were going on.  We weren't sure exactly what they were demonstrating, but, luckily, the driver was able to talk the policemen into letting us drive through a cordoned off area to get to our hotel.  Otherwise, we would've been dragging enough luggage to spend a month in Paris to our hotel.  Le Jardin de Brea is nice, but the rooms are awfully small.  It's a good thing I'm sharing a room with Krista, since she's so tiny!  But, everything is clean and safe, and the location (sixth arrondisement) is very good.

We unpacked, and walked up Boulevard Raspail to the organic farmers market.  It was nice weather out, and many people were buying their produce, etc.  I purchased sea salt and soap, two highly requested "bring home" items. 

From there, we walked to Luxembourg Gardens, where people were enjoying their Sunday. 

It was very restful and cool there, so much so that we ultimately walked back to our hotel and napped until our sixth friend, Elaine, showed up (via train from Frankfurt).  We had a girls get-together in my room, which did highly resemble a college dorm by the time we were done.

A quick walk down Rue Vavin at 8 pm took us to a little bistro, where we enjoyed a good dinner.  I had an appetizer of scallops and greens, and sole for my main course. 

We're now back to our rooms, and I think everyone has crashed except me.  I'm about there, since the last time I slept all night was Friday and it is now late Sunday!  More later, when I have recovered from le jet lag.

Oh, wait!  Here's a photograph of a lemon tartlette, which was too good to forget!


  1. Sounds and looks like you are having a lovely time! Enjoy!

  2. How many of those lemon tartlettes can you pack into your bags to bring home to your Tart-friends?


  3. I can't believe how much you have done in one day! Love the food shots, the presentation in that white bowl of your dinner, the statue of Baudelaire in the park. wonderful......

  4. Love the pics. Wishing I was in the garden with you all......Sounds like the trip is off to a great start.

  5. What, no dog pictures on your first day? Kidding. FOOD PORN - yay! I've missed it! Have a blast and eat a pastry or seven for me. Oh, and don't forget to wash them down with red wine. Today is Nicki's 9th birthday. She was queen for the day.

    Leigh Ann

  6. Posie is still wondering why she couldn't hide in your purse as a stow away to Paris. I will drown her sorrows with Canadian Bacon and cheese. Willie Mercy Boo Coo (Balch Springs spelling) for all the tea.

  7. What a great beginning to your trip.