Saturday, August 24, 2013


Summer is hanging on here in Texas.  This morning, when my friend, Susan, and I left for Waxahachie, it was already hot and humid. We were in dire need of a quick girls' getaway, and Waxahachie isn't too far south of here. As we pulled into town,  we passed a new (to us) antique shop.  I performed a u-turn to rival to best of them, and in seconds we were parked in the little parking lot in front of a sweet old house. Crooked Creek Farms is located at 510 West Main Street, and is only open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

 Look at this!  Treats for the customers.  Love me some Southern hospitality!

You'll notice the Wolf hound on their logo.  Turns out the owner raises wolf hounds on a ranch outside of town.  Fingers crossed for what would be an amazing photo opportunity in the near future!

Here's owner Shane with his Airedale pup, Gatsby.  It was great to meet them both! Gatsby was particularly taken with Susan...

The downtown buildings are quite distinctive, especially the courthouse on the square.
 Wonder what an odd fellows building is?

We stopped in at The Doves Nest for lunch and shopping.  Fantastic on both counts!

Afterwards, we walked over to Old Town Village Antiques & Uniques, where I met manager Cheryle Williams out on the street checking out their new window display.

We finished our day at the Gingerbread Antique Mall, where we found a metal terrier whose resemblance to Gatsby was uncanny!
They also had a nice selection of Fiestaware.
Thanks for coming along on our Saturday adventure!


  1. Odd Fellows is kind of like the Masons

  2. Looks like such a fun day! As always, the pictures are just perfect and tell the story!

  3. Was such a wonderful outing!
    Especially the ABC spread.
    Love seeing the day through your lens!

  4. Wonderful, feels like I got away for a few minutes :)