Sunday, August 4, 2013

Santa Fe Day Two

Today was another great day in Santa Fe!  We started early, walking to Saint Francis Cathedral Basilica.

After breakfast, we drove to Ten Thousand Waves, which is a phenomenal spa. We spent the next three hours being pampered and practicing becoming zen-like (which didn't last long for me!).

Here are some very cool rabbit sculptures on our staircase in the hotel.  They remind me of Italian Greyhounds a little!
After lunch, we went to Canyon Road, home of many of Santa Fe's art galleries.  You could really spend an entire day or more walking and looking, but we did manage to see a lot in the several hours we were there.

 After a short rest at the hotel, we did some walking around the downtown area.

 This is the Georgia O'Keeffe Resource Center.  We plan to visit the museum tomorrow morning.

Thanks for stopping by!  More to come!

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  1. Enjoyed the pics. Love Santa Fe.

    Diana The Gayle