Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Isaac and Patrick

Yesterday was a hot and humid July day. I photographed two brothers as we explored the small southern town of Winfield, Alabama.  We visited R.W. Harris' store, which has been there so long my mama used to go there for penny candy when she was a child.  Their alley yielded all kinds of fun spots!

 Bags of fertilizer anyone?

 Winfield is a Main Street USA town.  Quite some time ago, personalized bricks were sold, and the boys found the one purchased by their parents!
 Spann's Hardware Store was our next stop.  Luckily, the owners are friends of ours, and we had free rein!

 Even the shop cat wanted in on the posing!

 The antique store was a treasure trove of fun things for boys!

 Winding down, we cut through an alley...another adventure!

 We even got the boy's mom in one of the photographs!
 Perfect timing for a train to come through town!

Thanks for joining us.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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