Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paris Part Four for Michelle

Window shopping in Paris is known as "faire du leche-vitrine," which translates into "window licking!"  I'll be the first to admit that I'm in love with the shop windows of Paris.

Alexis in the Marais always has lovely windows.
And how about this gigantic bottle of Miss Dior?  It was sitting in the window of Galleries Lafayette, one of the larger (and very impressive) department stores in Paris.
 Even simple things, like these glass votive holders, look better in Paris.
Annick Goutal's sensational perfumes can be found in their store in the sixth arrondisement.  They carry a lot of scents that are hard, if impossible, to find in the States.
For whatever reason, I have never associated small children with Paris, but there are SO many little boutiques that carry very high-priced, stylish outfits for babies and children.  Paris bebes always look as chic as their parents!
 Here are a couple of fancy wall sconces at an antique store.
Dehillerin remains one of the oldest kitchen shops in Paris.  Julia Child used to buy her copper cookware here.  Unfortunately, nothing is priced, so you have to ask, and the small store is always jam-packed.  If you can deal with it, though, one of my favorite Paris gifts for my friends who cook is here:  a very inexpensive plastic bowl scraper with Dehillerin written on one side. 
This shop carries the most exquisite wedding gowns.  Sometimes when I walk by, I can see a future bride, all dressed up in a possible purchase.
 Not sure I could walk in these shoes (especially at that price)!
 Zuk Zak is colored sugar for baking.  When I took a cooking class in Paris, the chef recommended this tiny store for all things pastry related:  G. Detou.  It's a fun place to look around!
 I wonder where this old typewriter started its life.
 There are myriad bakeries with windows that make you stop in your tracks to study.
 Here's another beautiful wedding dress.
 These are handmade meringues.
Although not my favorite, Jeff de Bruges on Rue Vavin is one of many excellent places to buy your chocolats.  I still stand by Jean-Paul Rochoux.
One year, I found this terrific shop full of dog collars for Rose the Rat Terrier.  I bought her a small pale pink one with rhinestones.  During my visit last year, I searched in vain, but could never find the shop again.  I guess Rose is meant to have just one Parisian collar.
 Gerard Mulot always has windows like this!  Window licking, indeed!
And there are many, many lingerie boutiques in Paris.  I swear if I could fit into any of the things they offer, I'd buy a suitcase full...althought this one really isn't my style!
 I just noticed that this photograph shows snake staple removers!  Ick!!!
 Every little girl needs red espadrilles.
 More teensy, tiny lingerie.

This boutique is in Clignancourt, the giant flea market area.  The dress is vintage Saint Laurent.  Note the Louis Vuitton suitcase on the table.  Way, way expensive...
 The French make even the most simple things, like this bow, look stylish.
 Another tres chic child's outfit!
 A pair of elegant wedding bands.
 The jewelry in Paris is out of this world.  Unfortunately, so were the prices here.
Scarves are great fun to buy while in Paris...the styles and selections are unheard of in the States, and you don't have to shop at Hermes.  There are lots of less expensive alternatives out there.
 This shop specializes in restoring small antique objects.
 Here's  a pop of color for you!
 I bought a few things at Metal Pointus...lots of cool silver jewelry there.
As you can see, there's something for everyone.  I could walk for days just looking in the windows of  Paris.

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