Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Paris Part One for Michelle

I have a friend from flickr who recently messaged me to ask for recommendations for her first trip to Paris.  What a responsibility, and one that I take very seriously!  I started responding to her message around midnight, and half an hour later, I was still writing.  Afterwards, I thought of a million other things I should've said, even though she was beyond happy with my reply.  You see, Paris is also a state of mind; so many things would apply!  First of all, it doesn't hurt to have a guest room in your house called "The Paris Room."  Many of my girlfriends have slept here, and they love it, especially the Eiffel Tower.  One friend's daughter requests a sleepover in The Paris Room each year for her birthday present!
It also helps to have buckets of books and magazines on Paris and France in general scattered throughout your house.

Some of my Paris photographs are on the walls, including my favorite that is over the bed, shown above.
I even keep this Christmas ornament out year-round, because it fits into the Paris Room so nicely.
It also helps to have a frou-frou dog, like Rose (aka Posie).
I even have shopping bags from my favorite chocolatiers.  Take note, Michelle; these shops are the best, in my humble opinion. The shopping bags in Paris are so cool that I have a hard time throwing them away, and since they flatten down, they're easy to bring home.
In fact, here's Rose sitting in front of a bag from Darphin, my favorite skin treatment line.  Rose loves the scent of their Predermine moisturizer.
Rose has also had her portrait painted by artist Carol Gillott, as part of Carol's "take your pet to Paris" collection.  Rose, however, has never actually been to Paris.  She prefers to wait at home for her gifts.
The two most important things I take with me to Paris are this handy dandy laminated map (which has seen much use, but is still good to go) and a European adaptor/surge protector, which I use for my laptop and the recharger for my camera batteries.

More to come!

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  1. Vickie, you are so SWEET!!! Thank you - I just love your Paris room! How fun. I enjoyed every bit of it and am eagerly waiting for the more to come! Thank you again for all the wonderful advice!!!