Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Enchanted Evening...

My cousin Rose recently married her sweetheart, Davis.  There's nothing like a family wedding, where everyone can get together, and be in one place where two people are, at that moment, the happiest people on earth.  My father, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, and friends were there. Even though it was almost 100 degrees, and the wedding was held outside, we all survived.  In fact, we had a divine time! Doesn't Rose look downright radiant?
Here's Rose with her kids.  As you can see, it was a wonderful evening for some family photos, and I was honored to take them.
Rose and Davis made it look easy.  At least they didn't appear nervous!
Pardon me if I brag on my family.  Rose's sister, Sherry, makes the most delicious wedding cakes and grooms cakes I've ever seen.  Here she is with the wedding cake she baked for her sister.  And, yes, it was as good as it looked!
The South is known for its groom's cakes.  The grooms get a whole separate table with their own cake on it.  Maybe some of you remember the movie "Steel Magnolias," with the gray armadillo groom's cake, complete with red velvet cake inside?  Well, Davis chose a table of cheesecakes, with fresh blueberries and strawberries.  Sherry baked those, too.
Did I mention that she also catered the wedding dinner?  Yep, she's got buckets full of talent.  My cousins Kathy and Diana Gayle made the bride's bouquet.  When the roses were delivered without any greenery two hours before the ceremony, they were unfazed.  Slipping on some stylish hats to protect their sweet faces from the harsh June sun, they rummaged around in my Dad's garden, until they found what they needed.
They came back with some green leaves, a few gardenias, and some other unknown greenery, and, as I watched, they transformed it all into a perfect bridal bouquet in minutes. They even made up the buttonaires for the men!
The bride's mother, my Aunt Flo, has a cousin, Gloria, who offered up her house and yard for the ceremony.  It had a front porch that was perfect for the wedding, and a huge back yard that was good for entertaining a couple hundred of the bride and groom's closest friends and family.
Of course, there needed to be a lot of room just to accommodate all those Cunninghams!
Here's Uncle Olan and Aunt Flo, the parents of the bride. Aren't they cute as can be?
The ceremony was short and sweet.
It was, however, just long enough for some of the cups to start to melt...
The bride and groom made it a point to stop by every single guest table.
While they did that, I had time to take advantage of the wooded background for more family photographs.  My cousin Debbie's girls are so beautiful!
My cousin, Sabrina, is the official cake cutter at these affairs.
The bride and groom did a pretty good job of getting it started, though.
This is Jess, the groom's daughter, in her extra pretty fancy dress.

I guess if you're a Great Pyrenees, and you live in Alabama, you look forward to your summer hair cut!  This little guest fell in love with the pups, who enjoyed all the attention.
The groom's best friend got ordained on the internet, so that he could marry Davis and Rose.
As some of the older people started to leave, Uncle Olan volunteered to drive them back to their cars in the golf cart.
The family, though, stayed on 'til the end.

Before I knew it, the evening was gone.  I packed up my camera equipment, and slipped away. The moon was shining, and the countryside was quiet.  Best of luck to Rose and Davis.  I love you both.

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