Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tiniest Princess

Last August, I did a photo shot for Beka and Matt.  It was nice summer morning, and we shot outside at Beka's parents' house.  They look really happy, don't they?

Well. It turns out that, although they didn't know it at the time, Beka was was expecting their first child.  She had a great pregnancy, carrying if off with style.  I mean, really, the woman glowed!
Today, I had the honor of doing baby Abby Ann's first photo shoot.  Abby is still teeee-niney, as my grandmother used to say!  As in little bitty. But, I was very impressed with her posing ability, especially since she's not even two months old yet.  Abby lives in a room befitting a baby princess.  She also has the wardrobe to match...

 Princess Abby was very gracious, even though it was her nap time.
Her Mama dressed her up, and she was agreeable to a pose or two.

We also did a few photographs with hands and feet.  Here's Daddy's hands, forming a heart around her feet.
 Princess Abby cannot wait until she can get a pedicure like Mom's!
 Here are Beka and Matt' wedding rings.  I'm sure they've never been showcased so beautifully.
We did a few photographs with a small gift box, two pink hair ribbons, and a note from Mamaw B. Apparently, Matt's father was supposed to have been a girl! 
Abby also has her very own tiny pink Bible.
Abby' definitely got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger!
The entire time I photographed Princess Abby, I was watched over by her Lady-in-Waiting, Molly.  I believe that Molly also acts as Abby's personal security guard, so I was extra careful not to make any wrong moves.
I'm already looking forward to stopping by for another photo shoot...after all, Princess Abby has a lot of clothes to model!

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