Friday, May 6, 2016

Paris - Day Two

Today we took the train to Vernon (the station nearest Giverny), where my friend, Geni, met and drove us to  Monet's garden. With springtime in full swing, this was, by far, the most crowded I've ever seen this otherwise beautiful place. Everything was still stunning, but the crowds definitely put a damper on the visit. Even arriving first thing in the morning, and with tickets purchased in advance by Geni, it was already a mess of tour buses, and photographing was a challenge. That said, it was great to catch up with Geni (who lives outside of Paris), and to spend time in the charming village.

After all five of us delicate flowers wilted in the warmest day Paris has experienced this year, we drove a short distance to La Roche-Guyon for lunch. Another beautiful village to explore!

 And driving back to the train station, we happened upon this, and, no, we don't know what it is.

After arriving back at the hotel, we took a five minute rest before going out for a walk to buy macarons. So fun to pass by springtime flowers, and to see the bright green of the trees everywhere (even in motorcycle mirrors).

Thanks for joining us.  Stay tuned for more adventures!


  1. Stunning photos! The whole experience must be a delight for the eyes. Looks like so much fun, even if it's crowded with tourists.

  2. The garden tour was beautiful! Can't wait to see day 3!♡

  3. CoCo is fine. Her new motto should be, "Will dance for cheese" ! Balch Springs Willie

  4. This is maybe my all time favorite blog of yours. I love the pictures, some look like paintings by Monet. AAAAAAAAmazing!!

    1. Thanks, Dee! It's hard to take it all in, and there is so much beauty everywhere you look. That, in part, is why I never get tired of France.