Sunday, June 14, 2015

Glacier National Park - Montana Day Three

More fun in beautiful Big Sky Country! We spent today at Glacier National Park, which is really impossible to describe. It was my first visit there, but not my last.


  1. I've enjoyed a lengthy stay in Waterton Lakes National Park, which is just across the border in Canada. Very similar landscape of course. I actually did a hike 22 years ago which crossed Crypt Lake and you're in Glacier National Park while standing on that side of the lake. Beautiful part of the world, no matter which side of the border you're own. - Sandy McKenna

  2. There might be weather problems on your return. A hurricane might be forming in the Gulf of Mexico. It will be called Hurricane Bill. Oh yesssssssss! Posie is acting really weird but is eating well. Coco is not happy with her food portions! Willie Jules