Monday, March 31, 2014

Sandy Brown: Seeds Studio

The last time I visited Jerome, Arizona, I stopped by the Old Jerome High School. Its buildings are now used, in part, for artists' studios, and there are always wonderfully creative people to meet and things to see. This trip, I met Sandy Brown of Seeds Studio in Suite 201A. Sandy is a couturiere and millinery artist, who makes clothing and accessories from beautiful natural fabrics. She doesn't have a website, she's not on facebook, and she doesn't blog. She does, however, have clients from all over the world. Sandy was working on a blouse when I stopped by. Fabrics, trim, buttons, patterns...all were spread out before her. I can barely sew a button back on, so I was doubly impressed.

I especially love Sandy's attention to detail. For example, she explained how she orders buttons from a woman in California who hunts down hard-to-find vintage buttons. I was dying to buy some of the ones she showed me, but they weren't for sale. What would I have done with them anyway, but still...

The next time you're in Jerome, stop by and visit Sandy. She'll send you home with something so beautiful you'll catch your breath every time you look at it. If you need more information, in the meantime, Sandy can be reached at 928-202-2767.

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  1. What she does is a lost art,her attention to detail is amazing and shes very good at creating a look the customer is pleased with,JSP