Monday, February 24, 2014

Christy Fisher Studio

Christy Fisher is a designer who lives in Jerome, Arizona. During my visit last week, I stopped by both her Magpie store in Jerome, and her exquisite new space in old town Cottonwood. So much cool stuff! Don't you agree? Not only is the clothing comfortable, but there are great accessories (LOVE the arm warmers!) and jewelry. Next time you're in town, take a look!

 I even got to meet Moxie, but she was taking a nap, tired from her recent excursion!

 I've been wearing Christy Fisher earrings for almost twenty years.  Nice to know they're still in style!
 The bracelets are gorgeous, too!

 Photographers love arm warmers when shooting outside in cold weather!


  1. Lovely pictures. Great post :)

  2. Wow !! Thank you for featuring us in your blog !! It was great to see you !

  3. Great to see you too, Christy! Love your studio!