Friday, April 5, 2013

San Antonio - Day One

I'm down in San Antonio for the weekend. Left Dallas at noon, and pulled into San Antone at 5 pm...not too bad. My good friend, Elaine, lives here. We're doing a family photo shoot tomorrow! This is the first time I've visited her since they moved back from Germany (of course I made the trip there...not once, but twice!). Elaine is the hostess with the mostess, domestically and abroad, and it's always a pleasure to get together.  I mean, really, shouldn't every guest have a bedroom that looks like this, and fresh flowers, too?

Not to mention a welcoming house like this?

For my welcoming entertainment, Elaine sabered the champagne bottle!  Sabering comes from Napoleon, who apparently opened champagne this way on his battlefields to celebrate victories. VERY impressive, Elaine!

And, if that wasn't enough, Elaine spent the day in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Dinner consisted of grilled chicken breasts which were marinated in a citrus ancho chili marinade and served with a roasted corn relish.  On the side was some fantastic cilantro basmati rice and jalapeno poppers (stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, ancho chili, and honey, and wrapped in bacon).  Yum!

 Dessert anyone?  Salted caramel ice cream with chocolate dipped strawberries!
I forgot to photograph the appetizer!!  It was so good, I ate it instead....but, it was baked brie with a burnt orange serrano jelly and slivered almonds served on ciabatta crostini.  I should add that husband Pat did the grilling, and very capably, I might add.
Daughter, Sam, is all grown up, and I'm looking forward to photographing more than her feet tomorrow.

We ate our meal outside on the screened in porch, which I now want.

I may have to find someplace else to stay tomorrow...someplace a little nicer, with better food!!!!  NOT!


  1. How am I not there????? I miss Elaine and the family! The place looks amazing and the food, and the CHAMPAGNE. WOW. Send a hello from me please and have fun:)

  2. Why, indeed, Krista! We miss you, too. You and Tony are welcome to visit any time. Good luck as you head into the final stretch of your studies. I think your current rotation sounds so wonderful. Big hug! Elaine