Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Comes to Jerome

I couldn't believe that the Surgeons House B&B could look any more beautiful....but today I discovered that it could.  Many of you know that this is my absolute favorite b&b.  Nestled up toward the top of Mingus Mountain in Jerome, it's everything you'd every want for a peaceful, magical getaway.

Today, Christmas decorating took place.  The colors are glacier blue and silver.   The owner's dear friend, Ann, is a gifted decorator.  I watched, amazed, as she crafted wreaths, bows, mantle trimmings, and the like.  It was like being in Santa's workshop. Here are a few photographs of the end results.  What do you think?



  1. Oh Christmas time. Since Posie and Cocosaurus have been so good this year they would like an unlimited supply of Cosco roasted chicken! Oh yesssssss!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! I wish I could be there. Keeping fingers crossed that our silly national meeting is in Phoenix so we can go to Jerome for some beauty and sanity afterwards.