Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Magic

I woke up this morning in Jerome, Arizona, and this is what I saw out my window.
I jumped up, and headed for my little patio, which overlooks the Verde Valley.  In a nightgown and barefoot, I shot a few (okay, maybe a little more) photographs...the temperature was in the mid-30's, but I didn't even notice.  Afterwards, I settled back in my comfy room at the Surgeon's House Bed and Breakfast.
It's a place I will visit again.  My room is like having a little apartment in Jerome.
Downstairs, Andrea was cooking breakfast in her beyond incredible kitchen.  I covet that sink, and the stove, too!

Luckily, I'm in the right town to burn off those calories...lots of hills and stairs!  The morning was perfect for a walk, and there was lots to see.

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery always has a good selection of local art.

I met a facebook friend, Christy Fisher, in her shop, Magpie.  Christy is a super talented designer, and it was fun to finally met her!
Her creations are tres cool, especially the outfit modeled by the stylish Debra!

Back outside, lilacs scented the air.
What a perfect morning.  After a short break, I drove over the mountain to Chino Valley, to visit my friend, Holly and her Italian Greyhounds.  More to come on that!


  1. Vickie, I love your photos of your trips around the world. You really capture the spirit of wherever you are. Thanks for sharing them!


  2. Thanks, Marie! I appreciate your kind words. I'm always ready for my next trip!"