Monday, February 21, 2011


I took advantage of a rare free day and headed east to Greenville with my friend, Susan, today.  Seems like I'm spending a lot of time there lately, but it's the quintessential little Texas town.

We stopped at the Calico Cat first, where the ladies were just as helpful as ever!  Susan and I both found some cool things.  We paused to have lunch across the way, and then went back and finished the job.  I really don't know why every woman in Dallas doesn't shop there.  It's just that good.

Next on the agenda was walking around and checking out some of the antique/junk stores in town.  The wind was blowing down the main street, and I half expected John Wayne to come sauntering out of one of the doors.  Instead, I captured Susan as she walked into junk heaven, followed by me in a mirror.

Here are some of our spectacular "finds" for the day, starting with this lilac-colored lamp.
 Is anyone missing some eight-track tapes?  Do my younger readers even know what they are??
 Here's a cute little kitchen corner, all decked out in red.
 Didn't evrahbody's aunt or grandma sprinkle this Avon powder on them in the hot summertime?
 Some very pretty ceiling tiles were on display.
 And this sad little doll who appears to need surgery...
 Cast iron skillets for all!
 Not sure how this boat got crammed up against the wall.  Betsy, there's a gator in it!
I liked this two-month calendar that was tacked up on a door, because it showed me that my very first Christmas was on a Saturday!
No one ever told me that you could use coffee cans to patch wood floors!

Look at the old linoleum on the floor of this room.  It was upstairs in a building where I felt sure I'd fall through the floor at any given moment...or else find a giant mouse, and jump down on my own!

So that was our day.  Just enough driving, shopping and looking around!  Thanks, Susan!  Next time, we're on to Jefferson!


  1. Oh, what a fun place! I have 3 pairs of those stripy unmatched socks. :)

    WR Pat

  2. I love that the guy put his nickname "Punk" on his sign.